This weekend Rob is heading to Leeds, UK for the festival of Billiards that is the 2017 World Billiards Championship.

There will be three events happening over the 12 days he’ll be there. The first being ‘The World Open’ (formerly the Jim Williamson Open) in which Rob will be attempting to defend the title after claiming victory in the 2016 event. The second event is the short format (100up) World Championship and lastly the long format (points up) World Championship.

Talking about the event Rob says ‘I’ve left preparation for this years event a bit later than usual as to not peak too soon. Over the last week or so I feel my game is getting close to where it needs to be to put in a good performance. I’ve been drawn into two tough groups in both the world events but I’m hoping this will sharpen me up and get me focused mentally.’

To see the draws and more information on the events go to:

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