Rob is absolutely delighted to officially announce that he’s collaborating with Straits Billiards as the UK’s sole distributor for their fantastic new product the ‘ParadiGm Cue Tip’.

The six time World Champion Peter Gilchrist is the ambassador for these wonderful new tips, and rates them as the best he’s ever used in his long and distinguished career.Straits Billiards also have the extremely talented Peter Sheehan on board, to help out with promoting their product. It’s some team we already have aligned, and a team that will only increase now all players have the opportunity to use these game changing tips.

Rob is certain these tips will take an almost instant market stronghold in the Billiards world and we are extremely keen to take on the Snooker and Pool markets too.

Here’s some information on the tips from Straits Billiards themselves:-
‘Each ParadiGm cue tip is individually durometer-measured and sorted according to 5 categories of hardness according to our standard of measure to cater to different needs and preferences.
*Classification based on durometer readings:
* Duro Below 65 = Super Soft (SS)
* Duro 65-69 = Soft (S)
* Duro 70-74 = Medium (M)
* Duro 75-81 = Hard (H)
* Duro 82 and above = Very Hard (VH)
* Whilst we have endeavoured to test every tip based on our standard of measure, all tips are organic in nature and may vary in terms of play. The “feel” in terms of hardness is subjective and may vary from version to version. e.g. a “Soft” tip might be considered a “Hard” tip for some but not to others. Nevertheless, we hope that players can find the correct tip hardness to suit their playing needs from our testing and standard of measure.
Other information:
* Tip size: 10mm
* Characteristics: Attenuated fires enabling the tip to hold its shape upon sanding to player’s desired shape; ductile with noticeable bite on the cue ball.’

Rob will be receiving stock from the Singapore based boutique company on the weekend of 12/13 August 2023. This is the weekend of the World Billiards Jim Williamson Open and those lucky enough to be attending the event will be able to buy and place orders at the venue.

Everyone else can get in touch with Rob via the contact page here or by email at to place orders and get the tips sent out.

The tips are priced at £9 ea. or £40 for a jar of 5.

Rob will be carrying the tips to sell at all the events he’s competing in throughout the season, and also to all coaching courses he’ll be conducting for the foreseeable future.

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