Peter Gilchrist

Rob came over to Singapore in March to help out the Singapore Billiards Team in preparation for them playing in the South East Asian Games 2017. Rob’s approach to coaching the players was very good and he gave clear instruction into the strategies and execution in all aspects of the game from safety play to heavy scoring at top of the table. I can see since he left Singapore that the players have taken on board what was shown to them while he was here. I have no doubt we will have him over again for more of the same.

Peter Tankard

Rob conducted an exhibition at our golf club (Killara Golf Club, Sydney, Australia) which was a fabulously entertaining evening. The night was styled as a challenge between England and Australia and included former Australian cricket captain Ian Chappell as captain of the Australian side. Rob more than held his own in pre-match interviews especially in the banter department despite Ian’s well known Brit-baiting and went on to soundly emphasise his point with emphatic wins at both Snooker and Billiards which included a quick fire 80 break at Snooker and an effortless 200+ break at Billiards.

Rob is a thorough gentlemen, at home in any company, and a wonderful entertainer and ambassador for his sport. I would whole-heartedly recommend his services to anyone looking to stage a fund raiser or elegant evening of light-hearted fun. Great fellow to work with and a master of his craft.

Victor Yeong – Singapore Cricket Club

We wanted to give our members here at the Singapore Cricket Club that are interested in Snooker and Billiards an exhibition event with two of the worlds top Billiards players. So we had Rob play Singapore’s top player Peter Gilchrist to show their skills in what was a great evening with lots of laughs and fun. It was wonderful to see our members watch in awe at the play and big breaks on the table one minute and then laughing out loud at the joking between the players the next. It was a fantastic evenings entertainment enjoyed by all that were there to watch

Peter Stanyer – Bury Billiards League

I am one of the league organisers for the Bury Billiards League. We are a small league rather dwarfed by the Bury Snooker League.

A few years ago we were a typical Billiards league. We were struggling with dwindling numbers of players and an ageing group of exisiting players. Our league had lost several teams due to lack of interest and closure of clubs and Pubs.

I was put in charge of part of our committee to try and come up with idea to solve this problem before our league which has been in existance since 1918 folded.

We were down to only eight teams which was making the future of the league in doubt. We decided to make several changes to the league including joining both local billiard league to join as one league and to encourage new teams with free league fees and contibutions to any snooker leagues in the area who may have snooker players available to play in the Billiards league.

Most snooker players and even billiards had never experienced or seen Billliards played at a high level. So I invited Rob Hall to come and play an exhibition and present the prizes at our end of season presentation night. I extensively advertised this mainly to the local snooker leagues.

Rob lives over 150 miles from our league but never the less agreed to travel to us for a very modest fee. He did this mainly to promote the grass roots of the game and to encourage participation in this wonderful sport. The night was a complete successs Rob was outstanding making some superb big breaks infront of a crowd of 80+ people, I would desciribe him a complete professional.

Since this time our league has grown in membership and interest from players of all ages who seem that the league is now brining the game into a more modern format. The year following Rob Exhibition we grew from 8 Teams to 10 aad now remain steady at 13-14 teams. We also now have a group of younger players playing.

In addition to this we now have players such as the Aaron and Ryan Davis playing the game to a high level, along with numerous local players who now attend many World Billiards events across the country. Our league standard is now also improving with our first 100 break last year and the number of registered breaks over 30 is increasing year after year and being made by a wider number of players.

I would like to thank Rob for his continued support for this sport as without players such a Rob Hall our league would be in a very different state today.